About Us

What We Believe: Our Ethos


We know that every child has the potential to achieve excellent results at school if they are provided with the correct support and guidance.

At Trefoil Tutors, we will spend time with your child in order to design an individual teaching programme that will allow them to develop their strengths and work on the gaps in their knowledge.

With us, tutoring is much more than supervising a child’s school work or simply providing them with extra worksheets.

Thus, we offer personalised one-to-one tuition – we strongly believe that with the right guidance from our tutors, your child learn more productively and benefit from the interactive learning environment we strive to create.

  • Professional

    Our team consists of a small, hand-picked group of tutors, who undergo rigorous interviews and training.
    We work with professional teachers, academics with a proven track record and tutors with a genuine talent for working with children. We offer our tutors professional development seminars led by a qualified teacher and provide them with high quality teaching resources.

We are members of the Tutors’ Association and are featured in the Good Schools Guide.

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  • Passionate

    We are committed to providing a learning experience of the highest standard, supporting our pupils and encouraging them to take enjoyment in the learning process. Our tutors share our commitment not only to academic excellence, but also pedagogical skills.
    Over the past ten years, we have seen a worrying trend in North London where many tutors think that once they know their subject content, they are able to teach it. At Trefoil, we strongly believe that tutoring goes well above this basic knowledge. As well as being outstanding academics, our tutors have insight into classroom teaching which enables them to augment your child’s educational experience.

  • Personal

    Our experience shows that individually tailored lessons help pupils learn more effectively. This is why we continuously analyse the pupil’s needs, in order to be able to tailor the lessons accordingly.
    Our tutors provide individually tailored lessons which focus on improving understanding and building confidence in the subject. As a parent, you will receive regular feedback about your child’s progress.