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We are delighted with Gabriela’s progress. She has improved so much, in her confidence, in her attitude to the subject - and she looks forward to the lessons.

Gabriela’s Mum

Vivek would take his time to explain to each student what they were struggling with - and he would always explain it in a fun way.

Pupil, Y6

The best thing about the lessons is that they didn’t get thrown into the deep end – they were told exactly what they were going to do, and everything was prepared.

Saad’s Mum

Year 10 pupil, EnglishMy 16-year-old son was extremely happy with his maths tutor from Trefoil; he was knowledgeable and experienced, but at the same time treated our son respectfully and as an individual, whilst maintaining a friendly and caring relationship throughout the study period – while making sure he was working hard on his mathematics!

Year 10 pupil, English

Year 10 pupil, MathematicsWe really appreciated the care and attention we got from our tutor at Trefoil! We definitely got the personal contact that is advertised – we got regular e-mails about our child’s study progress and extra material that we could use between lessons, and would regularly call to check if we were fully satisfied with the progress. Thank you!

Year 10 pupil, Mathematics

Year 6 pupil, EnglishOur goal was to help our son pass the entry exams to the top independent schools in North London. The tutor who worked with our son had grown up in the area and had even been to the school as a pupil; which we found both reassuring and incredibly useful when getting tips and advice about how best to prepare for the entry exams, interviews and what the schools are like overall.

Year 6 pupil, English

Year 8 pupil, MathematicsComing from a Gujarati background, it was very useful that the Mathematics tutor also came from a similar background and spoke the language. This created a closer relationship between my son and the tutor as he could relate to our circumstances. I felt I could call the tutor whenever I needed to check details of the next lesson or if my son had questions about his homework.

Year 8 pupil, Mathematics