Revision tips

Good revision is a crucial part of studying.
Today, we would like to share some tips and advice we have accrued throughout the years of helping students prepare for examinations:

1. Do your revision in short 30-45 minute bursts, taking regular breaks inbetween. This will help keep your mind fresh and stop you from getting tired too early.
2. When you take a break, make it a break – if your mind is still thinking about differentiation formulae, you are not resting. Try to step away from books, go outside, play with your pets!
3. Stick to your regular eating patterns – do not fuel yourself with protein bars or energy drinks.
4. Go to sleep! Maintaining regular sleeping patterns is absolutely crucial for effective revision. When we sleep, our brain takes the time to process new information and store it in long-term memory, which is exactly what we want to happen!
5. Remember that revision is not just staring at a book. Use a variety of revision techniques, varying between auditory, visual and kinetic stimuli: watch video material, record yourself explaining answers, draw diagrams… Best of all, explain it to a friend or a family member – many students find that the easiest way to remember new information.

Best of luck!


GCSE mock examinations day


To support our students in their preparation for the upcoming GCSE examinations, today we ran English Literature and Mathematics mocks for our Y11 students.

We wish them best of luck and we hope they found these useful.


Useful revision tools: Quizlet

Gone are the days when revision meant being stuck in a library with mountains of paper and collections of highlighters. With an array of study apps available for download, students can catch up on their revision using their mobile phone.

One of these is Quizlet, a free mobile and web-based study app that offers pre-made sets of topic-based flash cards, games and quick tests. If you are looking to vary up your revision methods, do give it a try!

You can find it here.


Office reopens on 4th of April

Dear parents and students,

We hope you had a relaxing bank holiday weekend and are enjoying your Easter break. We would like to remind you that our team are back in the office tomorrow, on the 4th of April.

For our Y11 students, we are running mock GCSE English Literature and Mathematics examinations this Friday, the 6th of April. A limited number of places is still available – please contact us on 0203 565 0539 or to book your place.


Easter Holidays

During the Easter holidays, our office will be closed from 31st March to 3rd April, with no lessons taking place between these dates. Please do email us at if you have any enquiries.

From everyone at Trefoil Tutors, we would like to wish you and your family a restful and enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

We look forward to seeing you in April!


Tips for successful revision

When discussing revision techniques for exams, students are often told to figure out which ‘learning type’ they are, despite the fact that recent educational research clearly highlights the benefit of using revision methods that are varied between auditory, visual, kinesthetic and text-based. At Trefoil, we explore this idea with our tutors in our Professional Development Seminars.

Some insights to a successful approach towards revision are also shared in this article by The Guardian: Guardian


Easter treats

At Trefoil, we are always grateful for word-of-mouth recommendations from our students’ parents. As set four of our group lessons comes to a close this week, we turned our office into a little workshop and are sending students on their well-deserved break with small packages containing some snazzy Trefoil merchandise, information about our tutoring services and, of course, Easter treats.
We hope you have an enjoyable break and we look forward to seeing you in April!


University rankings 2018

As our sixth-form students have now received most of their offers, they face the tough decision of choosing their destinations for the next 3-4 years. This seems like an apt time to remind parents and students that our tutors are more than happy to share their advice and experience on choosing the right university or study programme.

University ratings are also very helpful when considering your options – do have a look at The Guardian University League Tables 2018 as well as The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

If there’s anything we can do to help make your decision easier, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!