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Ria Tutor of English and History

With a degree in History from Warwick University, including a period of study in Italy, Ria is a tutor with a talent to convey her interest in literature and history to her students. Ria is a strong source of support for students who are looking for help in analysing text and finding the right structure to put their ideas on paper. In her past work, Ria is experienced in marking GCSE and A-level essays as well as mentoring university students. This makes Ria a great source of support and encouragement for pupils, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident in approaching their coursework and exams – as well as building the foundation for their future academic work. Having completed her degree, Ria has decided to dedicate her time to tutoring as well as to writing a novel.

Academic background
Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Arts (with honours) in History, University of Warwick
A-level results: A*AA in History, English Literature and Economics
GCSE results: 3A*s (History, English Language, Graphic Design), 7As.

Professional experience
In the past, Ria has worked as a one-to-one tutor for English and History students, helping them prepare for their GCSE examinations. In addition to tutoring, Ria’s experience of working with children comes from her role as a dance teacher and choreographer.

Ria has attended the following Professional Development Seminars:
“The Five Part Lesson”
“Communication skills, inspiring confidence and providing honest feedback to tutees and parents”
“Protecting yourself and the tutee”
“Setting varied and appropriate homework tasks”
“Exam preparation and tips”

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English Language and Literature

In addition to her tutoring experience of working with GCSE students, Ria is currently writing a novel as well as working on her short stories.



Ria has received an upper second class History degree from the University of Warwick. During her studies, Ria has focussed a lot of her research on Italian history, spending a year of her studies in Venice. Ria has also travelled to Poland as part of her study of the Holocaust, which enables her to share unique insights with her tutees.



Ria is able to travel to students based in Edgware and Stanmore.