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Tom Tutor of Maths and Economics

As an alumnus of a top London private school, Tom is closely familiar with the high expectations across North London’s independent schools. Tom is an approachable and patient tutor who will take the time to find the best way to explain mathematical concepts to each student, tailoring his lesson plans accordingly. Tom highlights the importance of making sure pupils clearly understand why concepts work instead of just memorising them. With an excellent understanding of exam technique and the rigours required to achieve high grades, Tom is a reliable source of support to students preparing for exams.

Academic background
Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Science in Economics, London School of Economics (currently studying)
A-level results: A*A*A*A* (Mathematics, Further Maths, Economics, History)
GCSE results: 10A*s (including Mathematics, Latin, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

Professional experience
In the past, Tom has worked as a one-to-one tutor helping students prepare for Mathematics and Economics GCSE examinations.

Tom has attended the following Professional Development Seminars:
The Five Part Lesson

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Tutor Profile



Tom is a talented tutor who is able to help his students find the right way to approach the subject. He highlights the importance of combining conceptual and practical understanding of Economics as the key to successful learning.



Tom is able to travel to students in Finchley, Stanmore and Edgware.


Academic Background

With an excellent academic record from a top independent school in North London, Tom is closely familiar with the academic rigour required in order to achieve top results. Tom is able to offer his students useful advice on exam technique as well as effective revision strategies.