Master Classes are two-hour-long group study sessions on specific topics in mathematics. Master Classes are run by Vivek Gathani, teacher of mathematics and director of Trefoil Tutors. Taking best practice from the classroom in two of North London’s top schools and combining this with outstanding teacher training, Vivek provides pupils with an excellent opportunity to strengthen their mathematics. In each two-hour session, the tutor will work with a group of 2-4 pupils. The goal of the session is to ensure that by the end of the two-hour Master Class, each individual participant has not only grasped the basics of the topic, but moreover feels confident in tackling challenging examination questions. Each Master Class will offer a combination of individual work, group work and discussion; as well as tackling sample exam questions.

To enquire about the next set of Masterclasses we are running, and to book your place, please call 0203 565 0539 or email us at