• OIUGCB0-e1524147195378.jpg

    Trefoil puzzle #175: Tennis balls

    Seven tennis balls are identical in every way, except that one of them weighs slightly less than the other six. Using a balancing scale, what is the smallest number of weighings that are required to identify the lighter ball?

    Once you’ve solved the puzzle, please do send us your answers on Facebook – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • design-desk-display-313690-e1524045015251.jpg

    Revision and social media

    It’s peak season for exam revision, and many students find themselves using the internet and social media to simultaneously prepare for the exams as well as keep up with the social media and online entertainment.

    Meanwhile, teachers and scientists suggest that trying to multitask while studying may lead to a drop in productivity and lower performance.

    To read the article, please follow the link.

  • analysis-blackboard-board-355952-e1523994850828.jpg

    Trefoil puzzle #174: Riddle your mind

    1. A square house has 4 walls. All of the walls are facing south, and a bear is circling the house. What colour is the bear?
    2. What starts with “e”, ends with “e” and contains one letter?
    3. Once you have it, you want to share it. Once you share it, you don’t have it. What is it?

    Once you’ve solved the riddles, send us your answers on Facebook – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • 2470-e1523903744402.jpg

    Using music to train your brain

    With a multitude of ‘brain-training’ apps out there, we wanted to share this interesting piece of recent research which evaluates their effectiveness and suggests learning to play a musical instrument may be significantly more beneficial for children and adults to help to keep the mind sharp.

    To read the article, please follow the link.

  • Google-maps-5-e1519061088896.png

    Weekend lessons now taking place in Elstree

    We would like to remind parents that from the 14th of April, all group lessons will take place at our Elstree office (5 Theobald Court, Theobald Street, WD6 4RN).

    The new teaching space in Elstree is perfectly suited for group lessons, offering tailored classroom space and convenient parking arrangements. Parking details will be emailed to all students who have confirmed their places. We look forward to welcoming all of our students here!

    All lessons will continue to run according to the same schedule.

    We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

  • booksilove-e1519406792811.jpg

    Revision tips

    Good revision is a crucial part of studying.
    Today, we would like to share some tips and advice we have accrued throughout the years of helping students prepare for examinations:

    1. Do your revision in short 30-45 minute bursts, taking regular breaks inbetween. This will help keep your mind fresh and stop you from getting tired too early.
    2. When you take a break, make it a break – if your mind is still thinking about differentiation formulae, you are not resting. Try to step away from books, go outside, play with your pets!
    3. Stick to your regular eating patterns – do not fuel yourself with protein bars or energy drinks.
    4. Go to sleep! Maintaining regular sleeping patterns is absolutely crucial for effective revision. When we sleep, our brain takes the time to process new information and store it in long-term memory, which is exactly what we want to happen!
    5. Remember that revision is not just staring at a book. Use a variety of revision techniques, varying between auditory, visual and kinetic stimuli: watch video material, record yourself explaining answers, draw diagrams… Best of all, explain it to a friend or a family member – many students find that the easiest way to remember new information.

    Best of luck!

  • 20180406_194908-e1523040725399.jpg

    GCSE mock examinations day


    To support our students in their preparation for the upcoming GCSE examinations, today we ran English Literature and Mathematics mocks for our Y11 students.

    We wish them best of luck and we hope they found these useful.

  • Subjects-Maths1-e1518630086360.jpg

    Trefoil puzzle #172: Frequent numbers

    What digit is the most frequent between the numbers 1 and 1,000 (inclusive)? To solve this riddle you don’t want to manually do all of the maths but rather try to figure out a pattern.

    Once you’ve solved the puzzle, send us your answer on Facebook – we look forward to hearing from you!


  • 20170824quizlet-e1522871725460.png

    Useful revision tools: Quizlet

    Gone are the days when revision meant being stuck in a library with mountains of paper and collections of highlighters. With an array of study apps available for download, students can catch up on their revision using their mobile phone.

    One of these is Quizlet, a free mobile and web-based study app that offers pre-made sets of topic-based flash cards, games and quick tests. If you are looking to vary up your revision methods, do give it a try!

    You can find it here.

  • Sequence-01.00_01_17_11.Still014-e1522770291230.jpg

    Office reopens on 4th of April

    Dear parents and students,

    We hope you had a relaxing bank holiday weekend and are enjoying your Easter break. We would like to remind you that our team are back in the office tomorrow, on the 4th of April.

    For our Y11 students, we are running mock GCSE English Literature and Mathematics examinations this Friday, the 6th of April. A limited number of places is still available – please contact us on 0203 565 0539 or to book your place.

  • bright-card-close-up-953057-e1522426401357.jpg

    Easter Holidays

    During the Easter holidays, our office will be closed from 31st March to 3rd April, with no lessons taking place between these dates. Please do email us at if you have any enquiries.

    From everyone at Trefoil Tutors, we would like to wish you and your family a restful and enjoyable bank holiday weekend.

    We look forward to seeing you in April!

  • aircraft-airplane-aviation-8394-e1522342093477.jpg

    Trefoil Puzzle #171: A plane crash

    A flight from Tokyo to London, carrying 120 Japanese tourists, crashes on the Lithuanian / Latvian boarder. Where should the authorities bury the survivors?

    Once you’ve solved the puzzle, send us your answer on Facebook – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • one-to-one-e1522258665329.jpg

    Tips for successful revision

    When discussing revision techniques for exams, students are often told to figure out which ‘learning type’ they are, despite the fact that recent educational research clearly highlights the benefit of using revision methods that are varied between auditory, visual, kinesthetic and text-based. At Trefoil, we explore this idea with our tutors in our Professional Development Seminars.

    Some insights to a successful approach towards revision are also shared in this article by The Guardian: Guardian

  • IMG_1955-2-e1522177546505.jpg

    Easter treats

    At Trefoil, we are always grateful for word-of-mouth recommendations from our students’ parents. As set four of our group lessons comes to a close this week, we turned our office into a little workshop and are sending students on their well-deserved break with small packages containing some snazzy Trefoil merchandise, information about our tutoring services and, of course, Easter treats.
    We hope you have an enjoyable break and we look forward to seeing you in April!

  • THE-World-University-Rankings-logo-e1522085838246.jpg

    University rankings 2018

    As our sixth-form students have now received most of their offers, they face the tough decision of choosing their destinations for the next 3-4 years. This seems like an apt time to remind parents and students that our tutors are more than happy to share their advice and experience on choosing the right university or study programme.

    University ratings are also very helpful when considering your options – do have a look at The Guardian University League Tables 2018 as well as The Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

    If there’s anything we can do to help make your decision easier, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  • IMG_1961-2-e1521814887454.jpg

    We are recruiting!

    We are looking for a Secretary/PA to join our team! The role is based in our Elstree office and would be perfectly suited to someone looking to balance their job with school drop-off and pick-up times (10am-4pm). We are looking for someone with good phone manner, strong organisational skills and proficiency in email writing.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the role, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • img-6-800x600-e1517243940812.png

    Trefoil Tutors Newsletter – March 2018

    We are delighted to share with you our March Newsletter.

    Inside, you will find information about the destination schools of our 11+ students, your feedback about the quality of our services and registration for the next set of lessons. The newsletter also includes a message about a part-time Secretary/PA job opportunity at Trefoil – please do get in touch for more details!

    Happy reading!

  • pexels-photo-719414-3-e1521125567430.jpeg

    Trefoil puzzle #169: A frog and a well

    Freddie is a very clumsy frog.
    Freddie falls to the bottom of a well which is 30m deep.
    Every day, Freddie works really hard to climb up the well and climbs 3m.
    Every night, Freddie slips down 1m.
    How many days would it take Freddie to escape from the well?

    Once you’ve solved the puzzle, send us your answer on Facebook – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • hawkings-e1521046245620.jpg

    In memory of Stephen Hawking

    “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”

    To commemorate Professor Stephen Hawking, we thought we’d share one of our favourite videos of a man who has inspired so many.

    You can find the video here.

  • Capture2-2-e1520967230606.jpg

    The destination schools of our 11+ students

    We are delighted to announce the results of our 11+ students this year!

    16 out of 20 of the students who attended our 11+ programme were offered a place at their first choice school.

    3 out of these 16 students were offered academic scholarships.

    We are very proud of all our students and we’d like to wish them the best in their chosen schools! We are delighted all their hard work paid off.

    The destinations of our 11+ students are:

    Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School (5)
    City of London Girls’ School (2)
    Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls (2)
    St. Albans Girls’ School (2)
    Emmanuel College (1)
    Merchant Taylors’ School (1)
    Mill Hill School (1)
    Queen Elizabeth’s Boys’ School (1)
    Queens School (1)
    St Albans Boys’ School (1)
    St Paul’s School (1)
    St. Helen’s School (1)
    Watford Grammar School for Boys (1)

  • IMG_1943-2-2-e1520861643674.jpg

    Borrow a book from our library

    We know many of our students are keen readers, always on the lookout for their next page-turner. We are therefore glad to remind you that students are welcome to borrow books from the small library we have at our Elstree office!

    If you are looking for a book, but need help choosing the right one, please do ask your tutor for some help picking an age-appropriate book that matches your interests!

  • The_Good_Schools_Guide_logo-e1520607600639.jpg

    Trefoil featured in The Good Schools Guide

    We are delighted to be featured in The Good Schools Guide’s list of Tutoring Agencies as one of their recommended tutors. Kate from The Good Schools Guide visited our office, and after an interview with Vivek and Milda, as well as a number of our tutors and parents, published a very positive review of Trefoil Tutors on their website.

    You can find the review on their website (log-in required to access the full text):

  • 10.Ant-and-Triangle-1-e1520516819960.jpg

    TREFOIL PUZZLE #168: Ants and a triangle

    Three ants are sitting at the three vertices of an equilateral triangle. Each ant randomly picks a direction and starts to move along the edge of the triangle. Assuming that all the ants move at the same speed, what is the probability that none of the ants collide?

    Once you’ve solved the puzzle, send us your answer on Facebook – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • 17176054_10100809883231534_153388884_o-e1517846746785.jpg

    English and Mathematics GCSE mock examinations

    For our Y11 students, the approaching Easter holidays are the start of the final leg of exam revision. To support our students in their preparations, during the Easter break, we are running Mathematics and English GCSE mock examinations.

    The examination papers are written by our lead Mathematics and English tutors and are tailored to the 9-1 style examinations. We highly recommend these to our Y11 students as a useful way of testing your ability to work under exam conditions and plan your time when approaching a paper, as well as identifying topics to revise.

    Click the post for more details about the mock examinations.

  • eng_1_post-e1520348720372.png

    World Book Day

    On the 1st of March, we celebrated World Book Day! We encourage our pupils to keep on searching for new interesting stories to read the whole year round; to help with this, every month, the charity BookTrust releases a list of recommendations for newly published children’s books categorised by age group. Do have a look if you are searching for the next addition to your child’s library. You can find the list here.

    Happy reading!




  • the-oscars-759-e1520274328526.jpg

    TREFOIL PUZZLE #167: The Oscars puzzle

    The film “The Shape of Water” was nominated in 13 categories this year and won four Oscars.

    Assuming that each award category has a total of five contestants, and assuming that each contestant is equally likely to win, what is the probability that “The Shape of Water” wins four or more Oscars?

    Once you’ve solved the puzzle, send us your answer on Facebook – we look forward to hearing from you!

  • resized_daffodil_flowers_in_the_sun-e1520064550698.jpg

    Weather Update

    We are glad to confirm that lessons at our Queensbury and Elstree premises are running according to usual schedule today. We look forward to seeing you!

  • onding-3320-f3966e1b069ae09269b14db2a4247d1a@1x-e1519993783570.jpg

    Weather update

    Despite the snow in some areas, the roads near us are clear and gritted. We will be running all our lessons today (2nd of March) as normal. We plan to run them during the weekend as well, but please drive safely. We will post any updates here, should the weather conditions get worse.

  • cubs-e1519907586334.jpg

    Weather update

    We are happy to confirm that we are running all our lessons according to regular schedule today (March 1st).

  • fe3e06273b98694336abdca4c5941ac7a87085ac.jpg_1200x630-e1519822326482.jpg

    Weather Update

    Despite some snow fall in the area, lessons today (February 28th) are running as normal. The roads near our premises are currently clear. Please continue to check our website for any updates should the weather conditions change.

  • IMG_1927-2-e1519672868551.jpg

    Level 3 First Aid course in the office

    At Trefoil, we pride ourselves in bringing a level of professionalism to tutoring. In addition to academic support, ensuring a safe working environment is key; this is why we asked HTS Training specialist Heather to run a Level 3 First Aid course for our staff. We are delighted to say that four members of our office staff are now Level 3 trained first-aiders. Although we hope we will never need to use these skills, we are glad to offer the additional reassurance to parents and students.

  • img-6-800x600-e1517243940812.png

    Trefoil Tutors Newsletter – February 2018

    We are delighted to share with you our February Newsletter.

    Inside, you will find information about the places still available in our group lessons, the discounts we offer, GCSE Mock Examinations for Year 11 students and our office move.

    We would like to remind parents that we only have a small number of places left in the next set of our Mathematics and English group lessons. We would also like to highlight that students already attending Mathematics group lessons are able to join our English group lessons for an extra cost of just £95 (incl. VAT)!

    Happy reading!

  • Google-maps-5-e1519061088896.png

    Our weekend lessons are moving!

    We are delighted to announce that starting on the 14th of April, we will be moving all our lessons to our Elstree office (5 Theobald Court, Theobald Street, WD6 4RN), and moving out of our premises in Queensbury.

    The upcoming set of weekend lessons will continue at Queensbury as usual.

    The new teaching space in Elstree is significantly better suited for group lessons, offering tailored classroom space and more convenient parking arrangements and we look forward to welcoming all of our students here!

    Click the post to read more.

  • 640px-BBC_News.svg_-e1518781645438.png

    School league tables: See how your secondary school has done

    An article featuring the secondary school league tables based on the results from last year’s GCSEs in English and Mathematics has been published. This was the first cohort of students to sit the new GCSE specification exams.

    The interactive search lets you compare schools in your area based on these results as well as other criteria, such as age group performance, Ofsted rating, and number of staff.

    To read the full article, and see how your child’s school compares to others in the area, please follow the link below:

  • Subjects-Maths1-e1518630086360.jpg

    A-level Mathematics catch-up sessions

    As many A-level students are looking for additional revision lessons, our lead Mathematics tutor Vivek will be running four extra classes on differentiation, logarithms, trigonometry and integration. The classes will take place on the following dates:

    Saturday 17th 3:30pm-5pm (Differentiation)
    Sunday 18th 3:30pm-5pm (Logarithms)
    Thursday 22nd 5:30pm-7pm (Trigonometry)

    Friday 23rd 5:30pm-7pm (Integration)

    The lessons will take place at our Elstree office; the cost of each 1.5h session is £45 (incl. VAT).

    If you would like to attend, do give us a call on 0203 565 0539 or email
  • image1-e1518461819224.jpg

    Half-term break

    With the half-term break kicking off this week, we would like to remind you that our group lessons are still running until Friday the 16th ! As these are the last lessons in this set, we will then take a break the week of February 17th-23th, before starting a new set of lessons on the 24th.

    The half-term is the perfect opportunity to get ahead with your revision. Please do get in touch with your tutor if you are looking for useful revision materials or advice – we’d be happy to help!

    Enjoy your break!

  • Jumping-e1518112829250.png

    20% discount for attending English and Mathematics group lessons

    We are delighted to announce that Vivek’s mathematics group lessons are now attended by over 100 students!

    Did you know that if you attend the mathematics lessons, and would like some support with English, you are eligible for a 20% discount off BOTH group classes costs?

    This means you can sign up for five 1.5h English lessons for as little as £95 (incl. VAT) in the upcoming set of lessons.

    To enquire about joining the classes, do give us a call on 0203 565 0539 or email We look forward to hearing from you!

  • 17176054_10100809883231534_153388884_o-e1517846746785.jpg

    GCSE Mock Examinations for Y11 students

    As our Y11 students continue their preparation for the GCSE examinations, we are glad to announce the dates for the mock examinations that we will run during the half-term and the Easter Holidays.

    Each mock exam session is 3h long, and includes sitting a 1.5h long paper as well as a review of the paper together with the students after the paper has been marked.

    Click the post to get the dates for the mock examinations.

  • 11lus-e1517578559563.png

    Congratulations to our 11+ entrance students

    With the boys’ results now in, we are delighted to hear that 100% of 11+ candidates who attended our lessons for 12 weeks or more passed their written examinations and were invited to an interview at Merchant Taylors’ School and Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School.

    We are very proud of your achievements and are glad to see all your hard work bringing its rewards – very well done!

    We are eagerly anticipating girls’ results!

  • Michal-e1517398583362.jpg

    New Accounts Assistant – welcome to the team!

    The final addition to our management team is our new Accounts Assistant Michal Kolacek.

    With a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics, and extensive experience in working with data analytics, Michal will be supporting our office team on a part-time basis.

    Welcome, Michal!

  • Misa-e1516804280403.jpg

    Meet Our New Tutor Coordinator

    As Milda moves on to her new role as Manager at Trefoil Tutors, we are thrilled to have Michaela Novotna join us as our new Tutor Coordinator.

    Currently studying towards her Master’s degree in People Management and Development at Middlesex University, Michaela will be working closely with our team of tutors and offering them support in their roles. Michaela will also oversee the recruitment of new tutors.

    Welcome, Michaela!

  • IMG_1900_small.jpg

    Professional Development Seminar – Protecting You and the Tutee

    On Saturday 20th January 2018, we welcomed our three new members of staff and four new tutors with our third Professional Development Seminar (PDS) of the academic year. With the title “Protecting you and the tutee”, our team was lead through topics dealing with child protection from our Senior Tutor, Vivek Gathani.

    At Trefoil Tutors, tutor development and child protection are two cornerstones of the professionalism that we bring to tutoring and we were delighted that so many of our team were able to join us!

    Our next PDS will be held on Saturday 10th March and will focus on Exam Preparation.

  • Vaiva2-e1516364190394.jpg

    Office Administrator joins the team!

    We are delighted to announce that our management team at Trefoil Tutors has grown! Ms Vaiva Sabunaite joins us as our Office Administrator. Vaiva will be working in the office full-time from Monday to Friday.

    Vaiva joins the team from a graphic design and app development company. We are delighted that she will bring her creativity to Trefoil Tutors.

    Vaiva can be reached on and will be in charge of running the office on a day-to-day basis as well as developing our website and branding.

  • airplane-seats-1-e1515949081757.jpg

    Trefoil Puzzle #166: Airplane seats

    People are waiting in line to board a 100-seat airplane. Steve is the first person in the line. He gets on the plane but suddenly can’t remember what his seat number is, so he picks a seat at random. After that, each person who gets on the plane sits in their assigned seat if it’s available, otherwise they will choose an open seat at random to sit in.

    The flight is full and you are last in line. What is the probability that you get to sit in your assigned seat?

    Check our Facebook page for the answer!

  • good-luck.jpg

    Good luck!

    We would like to wish the best of luck to all sixteen of our 11+ students in their entrance examinations to independent schools! Remember, you have worked hard with your revision and practice – so that now you can stay calm and enjoy the process.

    All our best wishes,

    The Trefoil Team

  • 12-Days-of-Christmas-4-e1514646095815.jpg

    Answers to Newsletter Puzzles

    We hope you enjoyed solving the festive puzzles published in our December newsletter!

    As promised, here are the answers:

    1. 12 Days Of Christmas
    According to the traditional song, on the first day of Christmas, my true love sent me a partridge in a pear tree. On the second day of Christmas, my true love sent me three presents: two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave me six presents: three French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. This carries on until the twelfth day of Christmas. After the twelve days of Christmas are over, how many presents has my true love sent me altogether? Is there a quick way to work out the answer?

    Click the post to read the answers!

  • officexmas2-card-website.jpg

    Merry Christmas from Trefoil Tutors!

    From all of us at Trefoil Tutors, we would like to wish you and your family a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, and an exciting start to the new year! Thank you for being with us this year and we look forward to seeing you again in 2018.

    Warmest wishes,

    The Trefoil Team

  • oper-e1510835326243.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #165

    By using the numbers 8, 5, 3 and 1 exactly once each, and with the help of brackets and basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing), can you form an expression with a value of 20?

  • PDS1-e1507230599692.jpg

    Professional Development Seminar on Lesson Planning

    For the third year in a row, we continue to offer our tutors the Professional Development Programme. In the series of six seminars, tutors have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of recent ideas in pedagogy, share experience of working with students and explore new approaches to teaching their subject. In the first Professional Development Seminar this academic year, our tutors met to further their knowledge on planning well-structured and purposeful lessons that fit into a long-term teaching plan.

  • 21277947_10100928895764464_269395301_o.jpg

    Lessons begin today!

    Our new academic year begins today!

    The classrooms are ready, the teachers are prepared, the worksheets are printed and the welcome packs are assembled. We are extremely excited to welcome back our students from last year, and greet the ones joining us for the first time today.

    Have a great year of learning, everyone!

  • A-grades.png

    A-level Results

    Congratulations to our AS mathematicians and Further mathematicians – we are delighted to say that 13 out of 16 of our pupils achieved the top grade in their public examinations, 11 of whom scored over 90%. We’re incredibly proud of your results and would like to wish you all the best in the upcoming year!

  • Jumping-e1518112829250.png

    Results Day

    Good luck to all of our students who are receiving their results today!

    We know that many of our students have been waiting for it with great anticipation. We would like to wish you the best of luck when opening those envelopes, and hope all your hard work will bring its rewards today.

    Do give us a call to share your results with us, it would be great to hear from you. If you would like any advice – we’re here to help!

  • Camel.jpg

    Trefoil Puzzle #164

    he owner of a banana plantation has a camel. He wants to transport his 3000 bananas to the market, which is located after the desert. The distance between his banana plantation and the market is about 1000 km. So he decided to take his camel to carry the bananas. The camel can carry at the maximum of 1000 bananas at a time, and it eats one banana for every kilometer it travels.

    What is the largest number of bananas you can bring over to your destination?

  • coins-1-e1493293496701.jpg

    Trefoil Puzzle #163

    You are blindfolded and 10 coins are place in front of you on table.

    You are allowed to touch the coins, but can’t tell which way up they are by feel. You are told that there are 5 coins head up, and 5 coins tails up but not which ones are which.

    How do you make two piles of coins each with the same number of heads up?

  • GCSE.jpg

    Exam Season Begins

    For many of our students, the exam season is starting! Remember to spend time outside and enjoy the warming weather – and at the same time, use these important final days before the exams to talk to your tutor about any topics you feel you would like to revisit, so you are ready to enter the exam hall with increased confidence, solidified knowledge and an invigorated mind. We wish you the best of luck!

  • scale.jpg

    Trefoil Puzzle #161

    You have 8 balls all of the same size. 7 of them weigh the same, and one of them weighs slightly more.
    How can you find the ball that is heavier by using a balance and only two weighings?

  • 7-e1493292924429.jpg

    Trefoil Puzzle #160

    You have two ropes and a lighter. Each rope has the following property: If you light one end of the rope, it will take one hour to burn to the other end. They don’t necessarily burn at a uniform rate. How can you measure a period of 45 minutes?

  • pds6.jpg

    Professional Development Seminar on Educational Psychology

    In the final Professional Development Seminar this academic year, our tutors met to further their knowledge on prominent theories in educational psychology. Discussing Piaget, Bloom and the way their theories can be applied in lessons, the tutors had an opportunity to enrich their lesson preparation and teaching skills.

  • 17193841_10154560546197637_1439062932_o-e1489047577704.jpg

    Professional Development Seminar on Exam Preparation

    As Trefoil Tutors continues its series of Professional Development Seminars, our team of tutors met on Saturday for a seminar on Exam Preparation and Tips. Led by Milda Sabunaite, the seminar focussed on offering effective revision and exam preparation support to our tutees in preparation for the upcoming internal, GCSE and A-level exams.

  • 17176054_10100809883231534_153388884_o-e1517846746785.jpg

    Outstanding GCSE results

    Congratulations to all three of our Y11 pupils who sat their GCSE Mathematics early in January. We are delighted to announce that all three students were awarded an A* grade. Very well done and best of luck with the rest of your GCSEs in the summer!

  • 14803197_10100709915832004_30344112_o-e1477166994721.jpg

    Professional Development Seminar on Communication

    This week, nine of our tutors attended a Professional Development Seminar titled “Communication skills, inspiring confidence and providing honest feedback”. Led by Milda Sabunaite, the seminar focussed on useful strategies in helping pupils engage with subject material, preparing engaging and interactive lessons, as well as ensuring that both pupils and parents receive regular and honest feedback on the lesson progress.

    The monthly Seminars are a part of the Tutor Professional Development Programme at Trefoil.

  • img-3-1170x600.png

    Resource of the Week

    We are delighted to announce that we have updated our online Resource Centre with a multitude of past papers for 11+, GCSE and A-level pupils across a multitude of subject areas.
    Visit to browse across the different subjects and levels. We hope you will find this a useful resource to help your revision!

  • 14215242_10100668956240354_88959917_o-1-e1472999177551.jpg

    Tutors attend Seminar on Lesson Planning

    This week, our tutors Tom, Will, Ria, Arjun, Danielle attended a Professional Development Seminar on Lesson Planning led by Vivek Gathani. Tutors had the opportunity to work with a professional teacher and learn more about pedagogical theory, as well as discuss ways to adapt this knowledge to a one-to-one tutoring setting. The tutors picked up useful ideas for new activities to be used when working with pupils, in order to make sure the lessons are engaging and interactive.

    The monthly Seminars are a part of the Tutor Professional Development Programme at Trefoil.

  • Personal1-e1522258556444.jpg

    Mathematics Group Lessons – last places available!

    For those looking for Mathematics tuition in the new academic year, we are happy to say there are still a few places available in the group lessons run by Vivek Gathani. Starting on the 3rd of September, the lessons will take place over weekends, with each specialised group comprising of a maximum of 6 pupils in the same age group.

    Currently, we still have availability for the following groups:

    Y5 11+ Preparation group, Sundays 10:00-11:30 (2 places available)

    Y6 11+ Preparation group, Saturdays 9:00-10:30 (1 place available)

    Y7-8 Key Stage Three group,  Sundays 12:00-13:30 (2 places available)

    Y8 Key Stage Three group, Mondays 17:30-19:00 (2 places available)

    Y9-10 Key Stage Four group, Sundays 16:00-17:30 (1 place available)

    Y11 GCSE Preparation group, Sundays 14:00-15:30 (2 places available)

    For more information, please see the leaflet.

    To book your place, please call 0203 565 0539 or email us at

  • blog-summer-photo-e1467887792943.jpg

    Holidays are here!

    Our warmest congratulations to all of our tutees for successfully finishing another academic year! We hope you had an interesting, rewarding and challenging year and are looking forward to a relaxing summer. Have a lovely break and we look forward to welcoming you back in September!

  • Personal1-e1466160740586.jpg

    Book in your lessons for September ’16

    Our tutors are currently taking bookings for lessons over the summer and in September ’16. If you are looking to start tuition, or continue your lessons, please speak to your tutor, or give us a call on 0203 565 0539 to discuss times and tutor availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #149

    When the day after tomorrow is yesterday, today will be as far from Wednesday as today was from Wednesday when the day before yesterday was tomorrow. What is the day after this day?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #148

    Mr. Green, Mr. Red, and Mr. Blue were at the Soul Ace Motel having a drink. One man was wearing a red suit; one a green suit; and the other a blue suit. “Have you noticed,” said the man in the blue suit, “that although our suits have colors corresponding to our names, not one of us is wearing a suit that matches our own names?” Mr.Red looked at the other two and said, “You’re absolutely correct.” What color suit is each man wearing?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #147

    Jill and Klara took turns driving on a round trip using the same route both ways. Ari drove the first 40 kilometers and then Charles drove the rest of the way. Ari started to drive on the return trip and the Charles drove the last 50 kilometers. Which of the two drove more kilometers and how many more did he drive?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #146

    A tree doubled in height each year until it reached its maximum height over the course of ten years. How many years did it take for the tree to reach half its maximum height?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #145

    There is a cage at the zoo that holds a variety of jungle animals and creatures. In this cage, there are 11 heads and 20 feet. There are twice as many jungle creatures with four feet as there are jungle creatures with two feet. How many creatures of each kind are in the cage?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #144

    It takes Sandy three hours to paint a fence, and it takes Claude six hours to complete the same job. How long would it take both of them working together at their normal paces to complete the same job?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #143

    There are two books standing side by side on a shelf, each consisting of exactly 100 pages. The book on the left is upside-down. If you add the page number at the extreme left-hand side of the left-hand book to the page number at the extreme right-hand side of the right-hand book, what is the total?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #141

    Using one set of letters in the same order, can you fill in the blanks and make a normal sentence?
    A _o_a_l_ doctor had _o _a_l_ and therefore, was _o_ a_l_ to operate.

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #138

    This is a most unusual paragraph. How quickly can you find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so ordinary you’d think nothing was wrong with it and in fact, nothing is wrong with it. It is unusual though. Why? Study it, think about it, and you may find out. If you work at it for a bit it will dawn on you. So jump to it and try your skill at figuring it out. Good luck!

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #136

    There are three extremely bright men seeking the hand of Ms. Barrett. Candy loves her men smart, but cannot decide which one of the three men is the smartest. Consequently, she proposes a test. Ms. Barrett places a mark on each man’s forehead and tells them that each of them has either a blue mark or a red mark. She instructs them to raise their hand if they see a blue mark on either of the other two. The first man to determine what color his mark is, and explain how he arrived at that conclusion will have her hand in marriage. Each man raised his hand, and a few moments later, one of them had the answer. What color was the winner’s mark and how did he know?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #135

    There was a shipwreck at sea and Buck, Lance, and Jack were washed ashore on a small island. Upon reaching shore they promptly fell asleep from exhaustion. A short time later, Buck awoke and saw that a box of bananas had been washed ashore. Buck ate one third of the bananas and went back to sleep. Lance soon awoke and upon seeing the box of bananas, ate on third of what was left and then fell asleep. Jack woke next and assumed that the other two hadn’t eaten any bananas, so he ate one third of what remained. When Jack finished, there were 8 bananas left over. How many bananas were in the box originally?

  • img-7-1170x500.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #134

    Picture three boxes containing fruit. The first box is marked CHERRIES, the second box is marked BANANAS, and the third box is marked CHERRIES AND BANANAS. Each of the boxes is labelled incorrectly. How could you label each box correctly if you were allowed to select only one fruit from one of the boxes?


  • Personal1-e1466160740586.jpg

    Winter Master Classes: Book your place!

    Between January 2nd and 10th, we will be hosting Winter Master Classes in Mathematics. Run by Vivek Gathani, teacher of mathematics and director of Trefoil Tutors, Master Classes are two-hour-long group study sessions on specific topics in mathematics. In each two-hour session, the tutor will work with a group of 2-4 pupils. The cost of one two-hour session is £40.

    More information about the Master Classes and booking your place can be found here. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • PicMonkey-Collage-e1448888933351.jpg

    PDS: Setting appropriate and varied homework

    We continue our series of Professional Development Seminars (PDS) designed to help our team of tutors stay up-to-date with the most recent developments in pedagogy and education. This month, the seminar was focused on designing appropriate and engaging homework.

    All too often, a homework task becomes just another worksheet for forthe pupil to complete. That is why together with our tutors Nina, Milda, Vivek, Shaheel and Nickesh we discussed how a tutor can take a more creative approach towards homework and how we can ensure that the learning process does not stop at the end of the lesson.

  • img-7-1170x800.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #117

    What is the four-digit number in which the first digit is one-third the second, the third is the sum of the first and the second, and the last is three times the second?

    Check our Facebook page for the answer!

  • 11-e1444081726886.jpg

    professional development seminar attended by our tutors

    This week, our tutors took the opportunity to further develop their pedagogical skills by attending a Professional Development Seminar focused on structuring effective lessons. Sharing experience and learning from experienced professional teachers, our tutors exchanged ideas about using creative and interactive teaching techniques in order to further enhance the effectiveness of their one-to-one lessons.

    The monthly Seminars are a part of the Professional Development strategy at Trefoil Tutors, which helps ensure that the quality of our lessons is consistently high, as well as provide our tutors with ample opportunity to develop their pedagogical skills.

  • img-4-1170x400.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #116

    Mr. and Mrs. Payload were walking home from the shopping mall with their purchases when Mr. Payload began to complain that his load was too heavy.

    Mrs. Payload turned to her husband and said, “I don’t know what you’re complaining about because if you gave me one of your parcels, I would have twice as many as you, and if I gave you just one of mine, we would have equal loads.”

    How many parcels were each carrying?

  • img-9-1170x500.png


    Our warmest congratulations go to those of our tutees who have received their GCSE and A-level results this summer!

    We are very proud to see so many of our tutees rewarded for their hard work with excellent results. In particular, we would like to wish the best of luck to those starting university studies in October – we hope you will enjoy every moment of this new chapter!

  • img-4-1170x400.png

    Trefoil Puzzle #115

    Three brothers and their respective wives were traveling through the country when they came to a river. Their only means of crossing was in a small canoe which would only carry 2 people at a time. The three men were very jealous of each other. Not one of the brothers would leave his wife alone in the boat, or on the shore with another brother, unless that brother’s wife was also present. How many crossings were necessary to get the happy clan across the river and? Give an example of how they would cross.