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Trefoil Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Given our belief in long-term teaching and learning, after working together for many years, our tutors, students, and their classmates often form solid working relationships.

Once over the age of eighteen, we therefore invite our former students to join the Trefoil Tutors Alumni Association.

The Trefoil Tutors Alumni Association is a great way for Alumni to keep in touch with their former tutors and classmates after they have completed their lessons with us. We recognise the importance of not only building an enjoyment of the course material, but also creating life-long learners who are well placed to apply their knowledge in their chosen vocation. Therefore, Alumni are invited back to reunion events as well as careers evenings in order to offer our current students advice and support in order to build, strengthen and embolden their own links in the professional world. Participating in our Alumni Association is a great way to maintain these friendships as well as receive and provide support, guidance and mentoring through life’s next steps.

If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us at alumni@trefoiltutors.co.uk.