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We are delighted that so many of our students and their parents have found the experience of working with Trefoil enjoyable and beneficial.

If you are considering using our services, and would like to hear first-hand impressions of our current and past students, as well as their parents, do have a look at the video and text testimonials they have contributed.

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Saad's mum


"The best thing about the lessons is that they didn’t get thrown into the deep end – they were told exactly what they were going to do, and everything was prepared."

Ria and Anya's Mum


"My girls absolutely love coming to Trefoil, they don't like to miss the lessons. They love doing the homework and making sure that it's perfect. It's been a very good experience and I wouldn't change it for anything."

Gabriela's mum


"We are delighted with Gabriela’s progress. She has improved so much, in her confidence, in her attitude to the subject - and she looks forward to the lessons."


Year 6

"Vivek would take his time to explain to each student what they were struggling with - and he would always explain it in a fun way."

Avi and Aman's Mum


"I can honestly say that Vivek has brought back that spark about maths to Avi, he enjoys it and he has improved significantly."

Jonathan's Dad


"My son has known Mr G since the age of 11, he was his former maths teacher at HABS. He is now a year ahead of his age [at school], and we used Mr G's lessons to help him bridge that gap, but he enjoyed the lessons so much that he's continued working with him. The lessons have given him a great deal of confidence and he’s got the belief he can achieve the top grade in maths. "