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Vaiva, July 28, 2021

The summer holidays are an excellent opportunity for students to pursue their reading interests without the constraints of school assignments. Whether you are spending your holidays at home, by the sea or exploring the countryside, we hope that you always have a book in your bag or backpack!

In order to encourage students to explore different writers, styles and genres, as well as help them develop a love of literature, our lead English tutor Milda has compiled a list of 12 book recommendations for each year group from Year 3 to Year 11. The books on the list range from timeless classics to recent releases. As they go through the list, students will become familiar with the work of world-famous writers and meet iconic book characters.


We hope that students will explore these not only during the summer holidays but also throughout the academic year!

Many of the books on the list are available to borrow from our office library. Please speak to our lead English tutor Milda if you are looking for a specific title.