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Senior Tutor Update – Week 2

Milda, Sept. 13, 2020

In this week’s video, our Senior Tutor Vivek thanks all our parents and students for diligently following our new Covid-19 guidelines and parking regulations. The second week of the term is particularly important as this is the perfect time for us to build good routines which will make our work much easier throughout the rest of the academic year.

Our Registrar Milda introduces a new Mathematics tutor Nik who joins our team as a Year 9 and Year 10 teacher. Milda also reminds parents about the possibility to register students for lessons in more than one subject, as well as place siblings’ names on our waiting list if you would like to join our lessons in the future. We are delighted to continue offering our recommendation, multiple subject and sibling discounts this year.

Finally, best of luck to all those 11+ candidates sitting their QE Boys entrance examinations this week.

Have a great week, everyone!