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Shakyra, May 9, 2022

Good revision is a crucial part of studying. Today, we would like to share some tips and advice we have accrued throughout the years of helping students prepare for end-of-year examinations:

  1. Do your revision in short 30-45 minute bursts, taking regular breaks in between. This will help keep your mind fresh and stop you from getting tired too early.
  2. When you take a break, make it a break – if your mind is still thinking about differentiation formulae, you are not resting. Try to step away from books, go outside, play with your pets!
  3. Stick to your regular eating patterns – avoid fuelling yourself with protein bars or energy drinks.
  4. Go to sleep! Maintaining regular sleeping patterns is absolutely crucial for effective revision. When we sleep, our brain takes the time to process new information and store it in long-term memory, which is exactly what we want to happen!
  5. Remember that revision is not just staring at a book. Use a variety of revision techniques, varying between auditory, visual and kinetic stimuli: watch video material, record yourself explaining answers, draw diagrams… Best of all, explain it to a friend or a family member – many students find that is the easiest way to remember new information.

Best of luck!