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IGCSE Mathematics Mock Examinations

Jovana, Dec. 6, 2018

The mock examinations will take place on the following dates:

Saturday, December 22nd

3pm - 6pm

Wednesday, January 2nd

3pm - 6pm

Each 3-hour-long mock exam session will contain:

  • an introduction to the paper structure by the tutor;
  • sitting the 90-minute-long examination;
  • a 15-minute break while the tutor marks the papers;
  • a review of the paper highlighting common mistakes and working through model solutions.

Each mock exam will be attended by no more than 6 pupils at a time. The papers will be marked and returned to the students the same day.

The cost of attending a mock exam is £75 (incl. VAT) for one examination.

For further details, please visit our website:

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