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Jovana, June 3, 2019

Please note that we are running an adjusted lesson schedule this week, with no regular lessons taking place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For more details, please consult the email message sent to you or call us on 0203 565 0539. Set 6 of lessons begins on the 10th of June.

Reminder: changes to this week's lesson schedule

Milda, May 30, 2019

We would like to remind parents that there has been a slight change to the Set 5 lesson schedule for Mathematics, English and Science, and no lessons are taking place on the following dates:

Thursday, 30th May

Friday, 31st May

Saturday, 1st June

Sunday, 2nd June

The lessons have been rescheduled to take place next week. Specific details about rescheduled lesson timings have been sent via email; should you wish to confirm the rescheduled lesson dates and times, please call our office on 0203 565 0539.

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Jovana, May 28, 2019

With the half term starting, and the weather becoming warmer, we would like to share with you some suggestions for outdoor adventurous activities for the whole family to get involved with. From following butterfly trails to painting your own wooden spring time decoration, there are a range of different activities for children of all ages.

To find out more, follow the link below:


Jovana, May 27, 2019

We would like to remind all parents of our current students that this is the last week of lessons for Set 5, which means this is the final week of priority registration! To book your place for the next set of lessons, please make sure we receive your payment before the end of the week. The final set of group lessons for the Set 6 will resume on the 10th of June.

Tutor Testimonial: Aadil

Jovana, May 24, 2019

‘Trefoil makes it very easy for tutors to coordinate their timings with both the tutors, their parents and slots for booking rooms in the office. I’ve never once struggled to find a time slot that works for all of us.’


In preparation for the GCSE and IGCSE mathematics examination tomorrow

Jovana, May 20, 2019

As tomorrow sees the first GCSE and IGCSE mathematics examinations, I thought I would share my final tips / words of encouragement with our cohort of students.

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Jovana, May 15, 2019

We would like to remind parents of our current students that priority registration for Set 6 of lessons as well as the 2019/2020 academic year is now open and that your place in the lessons is reserved until the 2nd of June - please do book your child's place before this date. Any places that are not booked after this date will be offered to students on the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. Could we kindly ask parents to fill out the reservation forms for the 2019/2020 academic year and return them to the office.

Tutor Testimonial: About PDSs

Jovana, May 10, 2019

‘It always helps having information which will help you become a better tutor. There’s no better people to ask than Vivek and Milda who have been tutoring and teaching for so long. The PDS opened my horizons, and provided tailored advice on how you can structure your lessons’


Jovana, May 8, 2019

Trinity College Cambridge are currently running an essay writing competition in the memory of historian Robert Robson. The competition is aimed at lower sixth students who have a passion for and are considering applying to study History at university.

To find out more about the competition and how to take part, please follow the link below:

Bank Holiday Weekend - Lessons running as normal

Jovana, May 6, 2019

We hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend! We would like to remind parents that all lessons today will run according to the usual timetable - we look forward to seeing you this afternoon!


Jovana, May 6, 2019

Well done to all students who took part in the Junior Mathematics Challenge last week! The paper and the solutions have been uploaded to the UKMT website, so those who did not take part can put their mathematical skills to the test!

Please see the following link for this year’s paper and solutions:

Tutor Testimonial: Shrina

Jovana, May 6, 2019

I really enjoy working at Trefoil as there are a variety of support systems, I know I can always email, text and ask for resources whenever I need. Having previously worked with other tutoring companies, the level of service and support provided by Trefoil is amazing.

Tutor Testimonial: Tutoring at Trefoil Tutors

Jovana, May 3, 2019

‘There is a lot of support with the teaching here at Trefoil Tutors. If I want to make my lessons better there are seminars the tutors can attend and there are ways in which the teachers here can help you become better. Not only am I teaching, but I am also improving my own skill set, which I feel is very valuable in the long term.’

Education Office Testimonials

Time to "pad up" and "head to the middle"

Jovana, May 1, 2019

As we begin the Summer Term, it is often a time when many of our students find themselves wearing their cricket whites, hauling their gigantic cricket bags into the car and knocking-in bats, ready for another exciting cricket season. We thought it would be a good time to share this "little ripper" from The Cricketer, to add a little extra competition to those Saturday afternoons in the field!


Jovana, April 29, 2019

We are delighted to inform you that have recently uploaded a broad selection of A-Level resources, including past papers, to the Resources section of our website. We are in the process of uploading many more. We hope you find them useful!


Tutor testimonial: Tutoring at Trefoil Tutors

Jovana, April 26, 2019

‘Trefoil is a very professional working environment. It gives you the ability to teach something that you love to students who really need your help. Its allows you as the tutor to make the decisions for when you want to tutor yourself and the timings that best suit you. It is very user friendly and provides the best working environment for the tutee.’

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Jovana, April 24, 2019

Good revision is a crucial part of studying.
Today, we would like to share some tips and advice we have accrued throughout the years of helping students prepare for examinations:

  1. Do your revision in short 30-45 minute bursts, taking regular breaks in between. This will help keep your mind fresh and stop you from getting tired too early.
    2. When you take a break, make it a break – if your mind is still thinking about differentiation formulae, you are not resting. Try to step away from books, go outside, play with your pets!
    3. Stick to your regular eating patterns – do not fuel yourself with protein bars or energy drinks.
    4. Go to sleep! Maintaining regular sleeping patterns is absolutely crucial for effective revision. When we sleep, our brain takes the time to process new information and store it in long-term memory, which is exactly what we want to happen!
    5. Remember that revision is not just staring at a book. Use a variety of revision techniques, varying between auditory, visual and kinetic stimuli: watch video material, record yourself explaining answers, draw diagrams… Best of all, explain it to a friend or a family member – many students find that the easiest way to remember new information.

Best of luck!



Jovana, April 22, 2019

We are excited to welcome back all of our students for the fifth set of lessons which begin on Monday, the 22nd of April. We hope you had a restful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you for another half-term!